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KBK Varsity likely to come up soon

The Pioneer, Aug 15, 2007

Pioneer News Service | Bhubaneswar
... even as campaign for it gains momentum

Even as the civil society is rooting for a KBK University at the tribal town of Malkangiri in Orissa, Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development D Purandeswari on Monday announced that the State's request for a Central University would receive due consideration.

Agami Odisha, which is spearheading the campaign for a KBK University, led a massive rally at Malkangiri on Monday to press demand for the promotion of education in the undivided districts of Koraput, Balangir and Kalahandi (KBK). Almost a coincidence, Purandeswari, replying to a question in Rajya Sabha, said that a proposal to set up 16 Central Universities, one each in the States having no Central University, is in the process of being finalised. Orissa is among the States where there is no Central University at present.

Orissa's request for establishment of a Central University in the tribals-dominated KBK region would receive due consideration, she said. Further, a Bill for setting up a Central Tribal University is in the process of being introduced in the current session of the Parliament.

The proposed university shall have power to establish its regional centres in the areas inhabited by tribal populations, which could include the KBK region of Orissa, Purandeswari added.

On Monday, the entire masses of youth, intellectuals, former bureaucrats, businessmen and other members of the civil society of Malkangiri came out openly in favour of a KBK University. Local MLA Nimai Sarkar and senior legislator of Kodinga, Sadan Naik, along with their supporters, also joined the nearly one-km-long procession, which moved for two hours before culminating at the Collector's office, where he was presented a memorandum in support of the demand. The nearest Berhampur University is 500 km away from their place.

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It will really be a very good thing for the people of KBK if such a university comes up here. Actually, for a backward region like KBK, it is not universities that matter -- but high quality of mass education. But the benefit of a university is not direct but indirect, it will pull and influence the people to undertake basic education and aspire for higher education.

In addition, a university will hopefully create such uplift in our thinking and thought that, we will be more critical in our mode of life.

May god bless KBK.
I would invite you to read a blog about the extent poverty in India at tarun-economy-politics.blogspot.com , This actually is heart-breaking. In such a poverty stricken state and country, really, where to put our focus while thinking about development is intriguing. Ofcourse poverty and education are linked.
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