Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Roar for KBK Central Univ: Tathya

Tatyha.in, July 30, 2007

Entire KBK districts are echoing with the demand for a Central University, thanks to the initiative of the intelligentsia of the area.

For last one week, concerned citizens of the KBK districts have been meeting at different forums, while raising their demand for a Central University.

Meetings were organized at Malkangiri, Nawrangpur, Jey pore, Koraput, Sunabeda, which culminated at Koraput on July 29.

The people’s representatives,intectuals and a number of leaders assembled here to chalk out the future plan.

A well documented presentation of Professor Chitta Baral of Arizona State University was discussed at length over the status of educational standard of the KBK districts vis-à-vis other parts of the state.

The organizers like Umi Daniel and Saroj Padhi presented the thorough researched document in a lucid manner, which has a long lasting impression on the participants of the workshop.

Prof.Baral sitting thousands miles away was able to make an impact on the minds of all the 50 participants, those who attended the meeting.

Agriculturist Bibhu Mohanty of Jeypore, who improvised "Kala Jira Rice" at Kalahandi on behalf of Swaminathan group, highly appreciated the detailed study done by Prof. Baral.

Lalit M Patnaik of Agamee Odisha harped on the improvement of the poor standards of higher education in the state.

Mr.Patnaik said that “they are not alone rather a large group of intellectuals inside the country and in abroad are behind the struggle to make Orissa the Major Destination of Higher Education”.

The meeting decided that crying over the poverty index is bringing shame to the state.

So the Infrastructure of Progress should be referred rather then the Poverty Index, which in itself is misleading about the progress of our State and it's Districts.

By taking seven sub-sectors of the infrastructure such as transport, energy, irrigation, banking, communication, education and health, we can really compute the composite development index of infrastructure for different districts of Orissa, said speakers in the meeting.

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