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Tathyain: Arjun highjack Naveen plan

Arjun highjack Naveen plan

New Delhi:15/June/2007
Arjun Singh has once again humiliated Orissa and high jacked its original plan to set up a Central Tribal University in KBK.

Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik while meeting the Union Human Resource Development Minister during October, 2005 (*typo corrected*) has gave this idea to set up KBK Central University.

It was based on the theory on Tribal Empowerment with higher education.

Naveen at that point of time pleaded with central authorities that as the concentration of tribals are much more in KBK and their upliftment hinges on education.

He pointed out that there was a heavy concentration of the scheduled tribe and scheduled caste population in this region, which has a literacy rate below 50 per cent.

Mr. Patnaik stated that setting up a Central University in the KBK region would go a long way in encouraging higher education among tribal population.

The university could also set up specialized centers for tribal development related studies, as tribal development was one of the biggest challenges facing the country today.

So a Tribal University in the area will serve a great purpose for the most backward region of the country, pleaded Mr.Patnaik at that point of time.

While Mr.Singh promised Mr.Patnaik in clear terms that HRD Ministry will positively consider the proposal but result was otherwise.

The Union Cabinet on June 15 gave its approval for establishment of Indira Gandhi National Tribal University in Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh with Central Government funding.

It also approved introduction of the Indira Gandhi National Tribal University Bill, 2007 in the Parliament.

This would ensure establishment of a teaching and affiliating University for facilitating and promoting avenues of higher education and research facilities for the tribal population of the country.

The objects of the University include inter-alia, promoting studies and research in tribal art, culture, tradition, language, custom, medicinal systems, forest based economic activities, including special studies in the flora and fauna, and advancements in technologies relating to natural resources of the tribal areas.

Apart from affiliating the colleges, the University has the power to establish such number of its own regional centers in tribal areas as the University may deem fit.

There will be at least one school in every regional Centre, to serve as a model school for the schools of the region, wherefrom the tribal students would be expected to join the local colleges, the off-campuses or the University.

Now this is abundantly clear that Mr.Singh not only highjack the idea but also saw to it Orissa will never get a Central University in KBK region on the lines of huge tribal concentration.

Since UPA is at the helm of the Centre, Mr.Singh is playing havoc on Orissa and the state is losing one after another national institutions to the Congress ruled states.

While M A Fatmi, Minister of State in HRD Ministry announced of an IIT in Orissa, which was shifted to Andhra Pradesh by Mr.Singh on political reasons, said sources.

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