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Orissa Education Minister demands IIT and KBK Univ

Tathya, New Delhi:11/April/2007

With Orissa reiterating its demand for an IIT and a central university (CU) in KBK region, the conference of the education ministers held here on April 11 has endorsed a proposal to upgrade a state university to that of a central one.

So now the chances of having a central university with UGC funding in Orissa looks bright with the today’s endorsement.

Presenting the case of Orissa, Samir Dey, the Higher Education minister said that there is a long standing demand for establishment of a central university in the KBK region of the state considering the tribal concentration.

He said chief minister Naveen Patnaik has time and again demanded the same, which will benefit the states like Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Chhstisgarh.

Raising the issue of IIT, Samir said that with the vibrant growth in industrial and technical sector in Orissa establishment of an IIT will greatly intensify the process which is of critical importance to make the industry globally competitive.

The minister repeating the state’s demand for an IIT he said that the chief minister has also requested the prime minister to upgrade the extension centre of IIT Kharagpur at Bhubaneswar, which have been turned down.

He demanded for review of the decision in upgrading the facility in Orissa.

Dey also asked the HRD ministry to upgrade the proposed NISER to an Indian Institute of Science at par with IISc, Bangalore.

Raising the issue of National Law University (NLU), Dey announced that the state government will be tabling a bill during the next session of Assembly for setting up a NLU in the state with substantial financial support.

Asking for an institution like Indian Institute of Material Science (IIMC), Dey said it will facilitate development in the industrial and mining sector.

For better administration in the college system of the state, the minister impressed upon the HRD ministry to fund the e-connectivity program, which is to be taken up in the colleges.

Delay in NAAC accreditation is a nagging problem and Dey asked HRD minister Arjun Singh to intervene in the matter.

He also asked UGC authorities to take expeditious steps to ensure NAAC visit the left out colleges.

The minister also asked for funding of the Ravenshaw University by the UGC.

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