Friday, January 19, 2007


Ten Important Points on Why KBK Region Urgently Needs a National Educational Institute such as KBK Central University?

(1) Kalahandi-Balangir-Koraput (a total of 8 districts) is one of the most under developed region in the country. Its 7 districts are among the 10 most backward districts of India.

(2) There is not even a single state government Medical College, Agriculture College, Engineering College and/or State University in Kalahandi-Balangir-Koraput region (KBK region), which has 30% of state’s area and 20 % of state’s population .

(3) There is no Central Government institution in KBK region, which has an area larger than Kerala.

(4) The literacy rate of KBK region is one of the lowest in the country.

(5) The birth mortality rate in KBK region is one of the highest in the country and equivalent to African sub-Sahara region.

(6) KBK region is one of the most malaria prone regions in India.

(7) KBK region consists large forest lands and hills. So it needs special attention like other hilly region of India like North-Eastern states, Sikkim, Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh.

(8) There is no central government educational institution within 500km radius of Kalahandi, which is center to KBK region and other backward Phulbani and Boud districts of Orissa.

(9) There is no state government institution of higher learning within 200km radius of Kalahandi.

(10) KBK region has highest percentage of tribal and schedule caste people. And establishment of National educational institute would simultaneously bring education, infrastructure and employment to the region and to its people.

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