Monday, October 31, 2005


Why KBK Central University is a good idea?

Their are two kinds of Central universities in India. (The list is at ) Some are central universities based on their quality and their expertize in one or more specific fields. Examples of these include JNU, Vishwa Bharati, etc. While others such as most of the ones in the north eastern states such as NEHU, Tejpur, Mizoram U, Nagaland U etc. have a different purpose.

The proposed KBK Central University will be of the second kind, to cater to the (people in the) mountainous backward areas of central India with lots of adivasis, who are much more educationally and economically backward than the people in the north east.

A comprehensive university will allow people in this area easy access to higher education thus having a cascading effect. For example, more people with BEd and MEds means more qualified teachers in the area, more qualified teachers means better high schools and so on.
But a state govt funded university will not work well for the reason below.

The importance of it being designated a central university is that, this designation attracts people from all over India to apply for employment there. (For example, I know of many Oriyas who have moved to teh north east to take up central govt. jobs. Central govt. jobs seem to have some kind of allure and stability and perhaps a bit higher pay and benefits that
makes them attractive.) This is important because, often there is a lack of will among good educated people to move to KBK area for a job.

Finally, there is a large body of funds assigned to KBK projects. So the university could be set up using part of these funds.

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